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Help Vrs. Killy Vampire BUild

posted Nov 10, 2012 21:17:56 by jake_hutton
Hi everyone,

There are two vampire players in the map campaign I am in. They both use a vampire build that I find very hard to deal with. It is a Vampire Lord (I think lvl 1), with Red Fury, +3 Attack Sword, always strike first, and a 3+ save (heavy armor enchanted shield).

This build I find really tough 8 Str 5 always striking first red fury attacks :(. Our knights survive ok against it, but it just buzz saws enough to break them almost every time. I tried putting characters up against it but with always strike first our characters die pretty frequently. After the initial charge and the lance str boost is gone I have almost no hope of killing this beast.

Any suggestions? I have had mixed results with a hard to kill lord (one opponents has been putting the vampire in the grave guard unit making it even harder to target).

Trying to avoid it and whittle it down in theory works, but all it takes is a few lucky invocations and the unit is back to almost full strength.

The games we are playing are 2,000 points so try to suggest things that fit in that points scale.

Thanks for any tips. Its not that I haven't been able to kill the vampire, just more often then not it just tears through what ever I throw at it.
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JonathanVanase said Nov 15, 2012 12:27:54
What army are you using? Are you playing straight warhammer or are there any "comp" or house rules for the campaign?

I find that a Coven of Light (lots of Lore of Light mages to boost the strength of Banishment) can shred that Grave Guard unit, but only certain armies can do it effectively (Lizardmen, Demons, High Elves primarily).

Dreaded 13th can wipe the unit out. How about Dwellers Below?

The other option is to just avoid it. Grave Guard are pretty slow. If you put re-director units in the way for 2 or 3 charges, that unit won't kill anything else all game.

Peyton said Nov 15, 2012 15:16:43
t5, 3 wounds and a 3+ save? Sounds like an easy kill for your knights! If you concentrate (on the charge) knight attacks and a character on him you should be able to take him out.
Greg2thePerson said Nov 15, 2012 19:41:44
Strength 5 is ideal for your Knights, isn't it? Just high enough to let your 5+ Ward Save kick in, but not high enough to completely wreck your armour.

Maybe try a character with a 1+ Armour Save and the Dawnstone. The Vampire doesn't have Killing Blow, so you should be able to soak up all of the attacks if you challenge him out.

If the Vampire is in a big unit of Grave Guard then you're probably better off just avoiding it as Jon suggested. Grave Guard are brutal to Knights.
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jake_hutton said Nov 16, 2012 01:07:11
oh sorry. I would be using brets. Yeah Peyton I have actually run into some problems, all my models hit on 4s, so perhaps I have just been rolling poorly but I have not been able to kill her. Strength 5 is ideal Greg, but when combined with Grave Guard always hitting on threes (stupid +1 to hit banner) the unit is just rock hard. On the Bret forum I got a few builds of characters that I think could work really well alongside a good armor save as you pointed out Greg.

That being said I am playing 2,000 point games, the grave guard are a huge percentage of my opponents points, so I think I will just try avoiding and redirecting it. If I can kill the rest of his army around him should work out well.
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