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Hi Guys!

posted Nov 21, 2012 18:34:33 by FredrikErixon
Hi all.
Last week I found this wonderful podcast and have been listening to it almost non stop at work :) I have now made it through all the episodes so I thought it would be rude of me not to sign up to the forum.
I currently play three armies (Skaven, Lizards and Orcs) and I have a mountain of plastic and metal models to paint and hopefully I can get some inspiration on these boards. I have some pics of five night goblins I painted while listening to the last podcast and hopefully I can get them up here today to get some constructiv criticism.

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Greg2thePerson said Nov 21, 2012 19:12:51
Hi Fredrik!

You caught up with our episodes in a mere week? Most impressive. Thanks for joining the forum. I'm looking forward to seeing your Night Goblins. I've been working on mine as well.
The slightly less beautiful host.
FredrikErixon said Nov 21, 2012 19:47:29
Haha well it was more like 12 workdays, I work in an ironwerks so I listen to you while I drive around in my forklift^^
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