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Trudging up the mountain of grey plastic

posted Nov 21, 2012 19:42:51 by FredrikErixon

So I guess most of us have been there one time or another, you just have to buy one more model and then you'll be set, you promise yourself that you will start painting, some time goes by and suddenly, madness! Unpainted and unopened boxes of minis everywhere you look.

That all to familiar feeling of being in to deep hits you and you start to slowly realize you have to do something about it, and this time there is no excuses. So you put on painting tabled and slowly but surely you start to whittle away at the mountain. At least that's what I try to do.

As you all can see, I have a lot of models to paint so I thought I might as well start with some of the more mundane stuff to get it out of the way. So while I listened to painting tabled today I started on these five little buggers

Yes, five mighty night goblins. And when the show was over they looked like this

As you can see I missed a few mold lines on the knuckles but since theres around 200 of these cute little guys I had little to no motivation to start filing them off when I had already started to paint them.
Anyway, I have 15 of them already done, except the base, but I still haven't figured out how to do that yet. Here's a pic of two of the finished gobbos:

Those fifteen goblins make up the entirety of my painted orcs and goblins army, but that doesn't mean that I haven't been painting.

I have two more armies besides the Orcs and Goblins, I have my lovely shining skavens:

no, they are not painted to the best of my ability but I would probably go insane if I had to spend more time than what I have done to get them to where they are, I painted 90 slaves for a tournament in a week and a half, I use a mix of skavens and goblins and so I usually equip them with shields since the majority of the models have it (we usually don´t enforce strict WISYWIG and so we can usually get away with whatever the majority of a unit has equipped)

I also have a little force of painted Lizardmen. These are my favorite painted army and they take significantly longer to paint than anything else I have so it's nice to just speed paint some skavens in between.

Since this picture was taken I have added six more chameleon skinks and the three handlers to the other salamander.

"My mounted Scar-vet and five lizards riding lizards"

"Skink priests and some skinks"


And last but not least a blurry pic of some chameleon skinks

I also play Malifaux and have a good size guild crew (creative basing, I know :P)

and a few arcanists

So my goal for the remainder of the year, and in 2013, to paint more than I buy, hopefully I will make it but who knows :), maybe if I just buy one more box and then I'll paint them all!


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Greg2thePerson said Nov 21, 2012 23:29:51
Dang, that is a crazy stock pile of unpainted models. It must have taken a LONG time to assemble all of them!

I like the noses on the Goblins. It's a nice touch that helps them stand out. Hopefully our show can help motivate you to keep chipping away at the army. :-)
The slightly less beautiful host.
Jeff said Nov 23, 2012 17:16:44
Hey Man,

Looks like a cool project (or three)! One piece of advice: you should paint your bases first. If you throw down your sand and then hit it with primer and a few coats of overbrushing, you will save yourself much mess and hassle later. When I used to finish painting a model (under your method) it would take a lot of effort to drag myself back to the painting table (hey, thats the name of this show) to finish the bases. Plus, when you finish the basing first, it gives you a better sense of how the colors will look on the model before you have locked yourself into a given highlighting/paint scheme.

FredrikErixon said Nov 24, 2012 09:21:21
Thanks Jeff, I´ll have to try that on the next bunch of gobbos :), and Greg, I brought all my orcs second hand from a friend who wanted to play ogres so most of it was already assembled when I got it.

Anyway, I've made some progress, the five guys I started with are finished along with two more so as of now I'm painting...
three more!

and here we have the grand total of my painted goblins

Greg2thePerson said Nov 24, 2012 14:06:25
Is that a purple wash you put on the spear tips? It looks nice.
The slightly less beautiful host.
FredrikErixon said Nov 24, 2012 14:40:09
Thanks and yes. It's a Purple wash and it's actually the one thing I'm not sure about. But I really struggle with painting metal. I find it always looks flat and uninspired even if I try to build it up like I do with my normal colors so any advice on the subjekt is most welcome.
Greg2thePerson said Nov 25, 2012 01:24:51
I've also struggled with metals, particularly with silver. One thing I've found success with is mixing in a traditional color to the silver I use as a highlight. If you want a bright, clean look add a small amount skull white to mithril silver. If you want to give it a slight hue add blue/green/purple/etc. I've also been impressed with the new citadel glazes, though the color choice is very limited.
The slightly less beautiful host.
FredrikErixon said Nov 26, 2012 18:01:47
Ok, so with 25 gobbos done I was eager for a break. I started working on the bases for them and so far I have done five as a test, I think it turned out ok so I'm probably sticking to it.

FredrikErixon said Nov 26, 2012 18:02:30
the snow looks less grainy in real life
FredrikErixon said Nov 26, 2012 22:52:39
All 25 done, the movement tray will have to wait until the rest of the gobbos are done

Greg2thePerson said Nov 27, 2012 17:38:34
The basing really adds a lot to the unit. The snow contrasts nicely with the drab color scheme of the Goblins. How did you make your snow?
The slightly less beautiful host.
FredrikErixon said Nov 27, 2012 19:58:07
white paint, pva glue, a drop of blue ink and armypainters snow mixed together then just sprinkle some of the snow ontop
FredrikErixon said Nov 28, 2012 16:59:46
Just a short update today, managed to get some paint on ten more goblins
FredrikErixon said Dec 03, 2012 23:11:42
So I almost finished the ten goblins today, I had hoped to do a lot more this week but real life got in the way so I only managed this bunch

hopefully I will manage to do the rest in a few days so I can start on something else soon.
Greg2thePerson said Dec 04, 2012 11:33:54
How many are you shooting for in total? 50?

I admire your dedication to completing this unit - cheap hordes of infantry are TOUGH to finish.
The slightly less beautiful host.
FredrikErixon said Dec 04, 2012 11:50:29
Yep, will make two groups of 50 but after this one I will do something else in between
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