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Warhammer Fantasy Online Campaign

posted Nov 29, 2012 16:50:52 by b.britt15
I am going to be starting a Warhammer campaign (complexity yet to be determined) following the winter holidays. The players I am including in the campaign are not local to me, so we usually play on a website called Universal Battle. Nonetheless some of the players participating (right now there are 5 total including myself) do have the opportunity to play games at a local store.

I would like to extend the invitation out to anyone who would like to add a little role play and army development to their Warhammer.

If I can get 8 people to play I will make a map with tiles and branch out on the Mighty Empires style game, otherwise it will be match ups decided with special scenarios that I develop. The best part of the campaign is your General and character's progression, as well as possibly veteran units etc...

I was also thinking of beginning it at the warbands level and growing it as each army picks up followers for the end objective.

Anyway I wanted to gauge overall interest first, and then I will post up more details on how the rules will work.

My email is so let me know there or just post a reply.
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Greg2thePerson said Jan 19, 2013 16:07:16
Ah, I somehow missed this topic until now! I have never tried universal battles, but am not necessarily opposed to doing so. Let me shoot you an e-mail and see if there is still room for me to join the festivites!
The slightly less beautiful host.
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