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What about...EotD?

posted Dec 11, 2012 22:58:16 by frostytaz
Hi guys! Just wanted to suggest something for another topic sometime-have you guys seen West Wind's Empire of the Dead at all? What do you think of the miniatures? Have introduced it to the gamerheads in the school I teach in and we've got a blooming campaign scene here at the moment! Having played the game a lot at this stage, I have to say it is a perfect skirmish game for 1 hour lunch breaks, and the steam-punk zombie Victorian London atmosphere really sets it apart from the GW lines. The rules are even more accessible than Malifaux for beginners, and there is real depth in the options. I cannot recommend it highly enough, and wondered what your-or your listeners thoughts on the game are?
Congrats on the continued success of the podcasts by the way-I'm heading to my lady wife's family for the Christmas, so have saved the last three for the long journey! Looking forward to them! Have a great holiday, and a peaceful new year guys and take care!

Shane, Ireland
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Greg2thePerson said Dec 22, 2012 15:06:05
Hi Shane,

Thanks for the kind words and the suggestion. I have honestly not heard of this before, so I'll take a look. The premise certainly sounds awesome!
The slightly less beautiful host.
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