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High Elf Display Board

posted Jan 07, 2013 17:23:15 by JonathanVanase
Hey all,
Here is a Work In Progress shot of my High Elf display board.

When I start thinking this project through these were some of the things I wanted to hit on:
-Something coastal
-Some height
-Some kind of structural feature

My initial thought was a bridge leading to an island with a watchtower. After discussing with Mike we decided that the features would take up too much of the real estate and turn into more of a diorama.

So, what we settled on was this:
-coastal cliffs in the front, facing some surf
-mid height hill in the back, with a staircase + statues set into the back
-smaller, taller hill on one side

I'll be making some waystones, and also decorating it with conifer trees in the end.

Here is a picture of where it is at right now. Over the next 2 weeks or so I should be bringing this to completion. I'll update here as it goes along.

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Greg2thePerson said Jan 07, 2013 22:04:45
Looks promising! But if you want to win awards, it needs to be BIGGER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The slightly less beautiful host.
JonathanVanase said Jan 08, 2013 01:17:05
Haha, very true Greg. I'm not trying to win an award, just want to make something that will look nice.
MichaelJordal said Jan 13, 2013 20:56:34
Is that bigger thing an inside joke?
JonathanVanase said Jan 13, 2013 21:16:59
Ya, inside joke. We went to a tournament last year and the guy who won best painted had a display board that was about the size of a full Warhammer table. No joke, it was probably 3'x4' and 20" tall.
MichaelJordal said Jan 13, 2013 23:20:27
Wow! That is insave. I thought part of the point of the display board is to make your army more mobile:) I think you have a nice start.
Greg2thePerson said Jan 14, 2013 11:30:50
Jon hinted at making progress on this over the weekend. Let's see some pictures!
The slightly less beautiful host.
JonathanVanase said Jan 18, 2013 02:33:51
Ya, I've been making progress. I've tried to make pictures along the way, haven't been quite as good about posting them.

I'll be pouring the water tomorrow probably so it's not a good time for a photo right now. The dams just make it look silly. This was the last work in progress shot I had.....

The 2nd shot is my attempt at seaweed before I had put them on the rocks. I know it looks like boogers on tin foil, but I assume you it's not. maybe.

Greg2thePerson said Jan 19, 2013 01:53:22
Nice! How did you make the seaweed?
The slightly less beautiful host.
JonathanVanase said Jan 19, 2013 01:56:01
Looking at the picture more, I may need to apply some more. ANYWAY, it's just cotton unraveled into wispy little..... wisps, and then dipped in paint!
MauerLaufer said Feb 05, 2013 13:24:58
The board already looks nice, I'm looking forward to see the water effects on it 8]
What army size do you have in mind for the piece?
JonathanVanase said Feb 05, 2013 14:00:02
Hey MauerLaufer,
I've got the board just about done at this point, I need to take some new pictures of it. I have 4 little decorative bits to add to the tops of the stairs, but I haven't finished sculpting them up yet.

The army size is 2400 or 2500 points. When I build the board, I put the movement trays down on the template and tried to space it out to hold the army I'm currently using. If I change the list, it might not fit anymore. I'm running a dragon, so that takes up a lot of points without taking a lot of space on the board.

Here is a picture of my current army on the board from a tournament this weekend. I'll take more close up shots once I finish the stairs up!


Greg2thePerson said Feb 05, 2013 17:41:49
The army looks fantastic set up on the display board! I know you got at least a couple of votes for player's choice this past weekend. :-)
The slightly less beautiful host.
JonathanVanase said Feb 05, 2013 17:55:29
Thanks Greg! I'm really pleased with the way it came out. Can't wait to get those last couple touches on it and get back to upgrading some of the models in the army next.

Too bad I couldn't take down the Dirty Birdy from winning "Players Choice"! haha

Seriously though, this project has really turned me on to trying my hand at building some more terrain type elements. I think the display board is an awesome opportunity to show off some of your hobby chops in a very different venue compared to painting the units themselves. You get to use different materials and techniques, and that can be really fun. I don't know what I'll build next yet, but I'm excited to figure that out!
JonathanVanase said Feb 05, 2013 17:59:44
Oh, I scratch built those waystones in the archer unit too. I had originally intended to just put them on the display board at the top of the stairs, but it turned out that I needed more archers to make my list work and the waystones just happened to be the perfect size for unit fillers! So I threw them on a 40x40mm base and they became my first High Elf unit fillers. I really like that they are completely generic, so they can go in any unit to help me shuffle bodies around. I need to get some close up shots of them too, I did freehand runes all along the vines running up the sides, like the vines are activating or interacting with the hidden magic in the waystones in some way.
TrevorYarmovich said Feb 20, 2013 03:59:16
That display board looks amazing Jonathan!
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