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New Warriors of Chaos Feb. 2nd

posted Jan 26, 2013 01:15:58 by jake_hutton

I must say I am pretty disappointed the warriors did not get redone. I really dislike the current sculpts, as a unit they looks boring and repetitive.

I'm not sure how I feel about Throgg, doesn't quite look like a troll. Vilitch is pretty cool. Chaos lord plastic kit looks pretty amazing. Plastic Forsaken are awesome, hopefully they actually made them worth taking. Chariot kit was much needed, the monster to pull it looks a little weird. LOVE the dragon ogres. New monster is pretty cool I think a different paint scheme would suit it better.

I'm excited to see what changes are done to the army. It is disappointing to see the army book price raised to $50 (The price of a full rulebook when I first really started playing). But the new books are gorgeous and I have spent far more on DnD books so can't complain.

Anyone know of changes to the army?
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Greg2thePerson said Jan 26, 2013 01:41:09
Overall I think the new models look good. I'm not a huge fan of the mutated look, but I get it. Can't wait to see the new rules, and to read the new White Dwarf. It doesn't come out until tomorrow but I'm going to check the App store and see if it arrived early...
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jake_hutton said Jan 29, 2013 00:05:22
So the Gw I went to today didn't have any copies of the new white dwarf, said their shipment had been delayed. Anyone want to dish out the info on the Changes to the Warriors?
Greg2thePerson said Jan 29, 2013 10:46:07
Well, the White Dwarf does a great job of not giving any information away. Some things I could glean from the battle report:

-Forsaken are a Core choice. M6, d3+1A, random special rule each turn (one of them is ASF)
-Slaughterbrute is bound to a character. This means it gets to use that character's WS, but also that bad things happen if said character dies.
-Mutalith Vortex casts a bound spell with a random effect. It can turn enemies into Spawn.
-Gorebeast Chariot is T6, 5W, and has Killing Blow on the impact hits.
-Killing a unit champion in a challenge now apparently allows a roll on the EotG chart (although WD is known for playing rules wrong).
The slightly less beautiful host.
jake_hutton said Jan 30, 2013 18:42:14
Hmmm thanks for the gleaned information :).

I wonder if they upped the Forsaken's save before they only had heavy armor and would just get killed.
Mutalith Vortex sounds cool (another reason to have spawn models :) ).

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