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Ep 35 - Magnetic base

posted Jan 29, 2013 18:36:53 by tibo16ia
You shall try this company to get flat thin metal sheet that you can glue to your movement tray:

Keep up the work. Like the show a lot. Sad I am gonna miss unplug GT, was looking forward to convince you guys that TK chariots rules in small squadrons!!!

If you have a bit nerdtime available to waste, I would appreciate if you would check a blog we created with friends:
The best would be to have some critics from you on the paint jobs :)

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Greg2thePerson said Jan 29, 2013 22:51:06
Thanks for sharing the link - looks like they offer solid products for a fair price.

I checked out the Chariot post on your blog. The models look nice - can we get a full army shot? Also, if you would like some advice I'd recommend adding a "spot" color. The red/black/bone/gold gives a good look, but lacks a high contrasting color to add visual interest and grab the viewer's attention. Adding a few select spots of a contrasting color (I'm thinking green here) would help the unit "pop" on the tabletop.

I think Jen and I more or less agree with you on the uses/effectiveness of the chariots. She generally runs a unit of 3/4 and they offer a lot of versatility in an army that others lacks it.
The slightly less beautiful host.
tibo16ia said Jan 30, 2013 15:24:32
Thx for the feedbacks. Interestingly enough i cam eto similar conclusion after this very unit and now incorporate a turquoise glow to the eye sockets and few details. I decided for blue as green is warpstone -like and thus better suiting vamps.

I hope I ll get to cross you guys in a tourney one day now that I moved in this part of the US.


Greg2thePerson said Feb 01, 2013 02:17:22
Nice - I look forward to it.
The slightly less beautiful host.
JonathanVanase said Apr 24, 2013 20:25:48
hit up and post on our forums if you want to get emails about upcoming 1 day events. I'm running one this Saturday actually, didn't have you on my email list yet though!
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