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My Perpetually WiP Herstone

posted Jan 29, 2013 12:46:52 by Greg2thePerson
Hi all,

I recently added the Shard of the Herdstone to my army list. With a GT coming up this weekend, I had to put together a suitable Herdstone.

An interesting idea dawned on me as I was working on the model. What if I kept it fairly plain, and then added to it after each and every battle? I could add a new painting on the stone or artifact around the base to commemorate both my victories and losses. I could personalize these additions (where possible) to reflect the specific individual I played against.

With this lofty idea in mind, I present to you the perpetually WiP Herdstone. At this point, all I have added is a bit of moss and a crude Nurgle symbol.

Let me know what you think!
The slightly less beautiful host.
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MauerLaufer said Feb 02, 2013 21:32:12
I have to say, when i first saw the picture I was a little underwhelmed - don't get me wrong, the stone looks nice - but for a herdstone?

However, when I read about your plan I thought this might become a fantastic peace, the idea of building it gradually is really great! This way, it's going to tell a story over the time and add something really unique =)

However, I think you should already add one bit as a starting point, maybe something that explains, why the Shamans come to this particular rock to worship their cruel Gods? Maybe you could put some warpstone tokens in it, which form a mystic shape?
Another possibility would be - if you can get your hands on the bit - the crazy warpgate-bit from the upcoming Chaos Monster.

However, I am really interested, how the piece will develop. Keep us posted, when the treasures and banners, the skulls and sacrifices, spoils and loots pile up around it =)
MichaelJordal said Feb 03, 2013 01:41:45
That looks great.
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