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Hi everyone!

posted Jan 31, 2013 23:59:35 by TrevorYarmovich
I've finally caught up with all your podcasts. I found out about them from the Ohiohammer and GarageHammer podcasts. I live in Canada and have been playing Warhammer Fantasy (primarily) and 40k (off and on) since about 2005.

The armies I have for Fantasy are: Wood Elves, Skaven, and Tomb Kings.
The army I have for 40k: Sisters (who doesn't love the Penitent Engine sculpt? really...)

I've been painting miniatures for close to 10 years now, and I do disagree with some of your comments and opinions regarding brushes, and a few other things. I agree on many other things. I do thoroughly enjoy your podcast, your guests, and your commentary. I listen to it while painting or assembling my armies.

Keep up the good work!
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Greg2thePerson said Feb 01, 2013 02:15:23
Hi Trevor!

It's great to hear from you. I encourage you to post up some pictures of your models. :-)

It's always nice to hear some dissenting opinions as well. I think a lot of people disagree with our thoughts on brushes.
The slightly less beautiful host.
TrevorYarmovich said Feb 01, 2013 02:29:18
Thanks I posted some pics up of my Skaven and Wood Elves for you guys to peruse.

I only disagree about the brushes because when I started painting many years ago, I thought the same thing you and Jen do. I am not a pro painter. I also only used $1 craft paints. I didn't even use Citadel or anything. Just Americana and Delta Ceramcoat. If you look at my Wood Elves, they are primarily painted with a $9 brush and $1 craft paints.

Over time I realized that the synthetic brushes start to curl on you even if you take care of them due to repetitive motion of strokes, and I would go through a brush every 4 weeks.

I've used the same 3 Kolinsky Sable brushes for the last couple of years, and using cleaners and conditioners. They have painted hundreds of miniatures and still hold their original point. At $35 a brush, they have more than outlasted the synthetic brushes I would have bought in that time, and they hold very thin paint much better. Synthetic brushes do not hold water very well and you can't control the release of it.

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