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New WOC excitement

posted Feb 18, 2013 01:03:02 by C.LaBelle
I've always wanted a WOC army, so I picked up the new book to see if the fluff/models were worth it, and like Greg said on the podcast, I think there's just the right amount of both in the new book. Nothing off the bat seems "broken", and how cool is it that your random marauder horsemen champion could potentially become a Daemon prince? That being said, I've decided to sell my empire and pick up the chaos cause for the unplugged GT in May. Here's my potential Nurgle / Khorne list:

Chaos Lord on Juggernaut, Dawnstone, Flaming breath, shield, sword of might, mark of khorne
Sorceror Lord lvl 3 Nurgle
Exalted BSB Mark of Khorne, Enchanted shield, soul feeder, crown of command

24 Khorne Warriors, ahw, full command, standard of discipline
2X Chaos hounds (now without the reroll panic!)
5X Marauder horsemen
Chaos Chariot
30X Marauders FC, Mark of Nurgle
5X Chaos Knights, Mark of Khorne, Musician, ensorcelled weapons
3X Skull Crushers of Khorne, ensorcelled weapons, Champ and musician
Slaughter Brute - that is bound to the lord on Juggernaut

I'm trying to take a little of everything, plus some of the cool new stuff they came out with and still make it functional. I'll also have to paint up some spawn and a daemon prince, clever GW making up buy those in order to use them.
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Greg2thePerson said Feb 18, 2013 13:17:30
Your list looks like a lot of fun, with a nice balance of different units. I'd recommend a Charmed Shield on your Chaos Lord for some cannon protection. It also might be wise to add a Chaos Familiar or a Skull of Katam on the Sorceror to give your magic phase a bit of a boost.
The slightly less beautiful host.
C.LaBelle said Feb 18, 2013 15:29:34
Thanks for the advice Greg, the skull seems too risky to me, but I'll definitely consider the familiar. I've just finished buying everything but the Sorceror and BsB. I'm thinking of converting the new chaos lord model leaning on a pole arm to the BsB, and maybe the old metal nurgle wizard for the lord. It's going to be much easier painting all of that rather than 120 empire models.
Greg2thePerson said Feb 18, 2013 22:41:43
I've seen people convert that lord into a BSB and it looks great. You could probably use the standard from the Skullcrushers.
The slightly less beautiful host.
C.LaBelle said Feb 24, 2013 21:35:53
I've built a whole bunch of the army so far. I'll be starting a painting / army blog in the other section soon. I've also converted that lord into the bsb. I had to finagle with the standard a bit, but I'm pretty happy. The slaugherbrute was a blast to build, although it only fills a chariot base, but that just means less attacks back and less space taken up on the main line.
Greg2thePerson said Feb 25, 2013 17:35:12
Great - can't wait to see your shiny new toys!
The slightly less beautiful host.
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