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Here's to new adventures!

posted Mar 17, 2013 03:11:27 by dwarfhold13
So I've had a painting log over at Warseer for a while, and well, life got in the way, and I got busy. I recently picked up an ipad mini, so I can stream line picture posting, and I've been motivated to paint a bit, so I'm shifting gears over here and sharing with new folk.
I'm starting off with an army that I started my original log off with, my dark elves. This army has been done (with certain exceptions), but I'm bringing it to a tourney in August, and I want to go through and clean it up/bring it up to date. So just to get it started, here is the tray of minis, as well as the first small wave. You may notice the crossbowman with the gold and that my malus model has some extra highlights. This is the idea of where I want to go with it.

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dwarfhold13 said Mar 17, 2013 03:15:12
Here's a better shot of the crossbowman... OH! and edit, I will be changing these harpy models out for the avatars of war ones sometime in the future!
Another edit.. as I finish the models the 2nd time through, I'm painting the rim of the base black.

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Greg2thePerson said Mar 17, 2013 13:08:59
Looks like a solid collection of painted minis. Good call on switching the rim of the bases from green to black.
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dwarfhold13 said Mar 17, 2013 19:21:43
yeah.. the black bases further tie the whole model together.. please, critiques are definitely welcome!
dwarfhold13 said Mar 17, 2013 19:57:05
Sorry, one more post then I'll leave it alone until I can get something significant done.
I wanted to see what you guys thought. I'm debating doing a unit filler for my black guard unit instead of buying 3 more models. It needs to be on a 40x40 base, and I've got a couple ideas including using the cauldron statue as a stone structure.
Anyway, these pics are from when I used this list in 7th edition, and it's just to give some reference on how the army will look.

dwarfhold13 said Mar 21, 2013 03:24:27
small update,
sorry for the quick style of the pictures, I'm taking them on my ipad and just uploading them into photobucket.
anyway, I've finished 3 more models, let me know if you notice anything else I can improve on!
ThatDarnSatan said Mar 21, 2013 09:58:18
Nice work! I really like the display board. What trees are you using?

I think I'd like to see some grassy tufts poking up through the snow. Is there a dark green tuft available? I thought Army Painter Wasteland was the one I'm thinking of, but it's too grey. Something dark foresty green seems like it'd look nice against your magenta army color and the black edge, as well as add a third layer of basing to look at.
dwarfhold13 said Mar 21, 2013 13:06:09
yeah, I've got some work to do on the display. I finished painting it the morning the tourney started, and the snow hadn't even dried yet. Actually, because the green wasn't dry underneath it, it sucked up green paint and all the snow turned a pastel green by the 2nd morning of the tourney. I had to repaint all the snow white. One of these days soon, I'm going to try painting the snow with a pearl white and coating it with pva glue to see if I can get a little more translucent look to it.
anyway, thank you!
MrSaturday said Mar 21, 2013 13:19:32
Wow, super solid painting! Snow bases look good, the black edges are much better. Great army board too, nice one!
dwarfhold13 said Mar 21, 2013 21:15:34
Thank you very much sir. One thing I've noticed is that it's hard to keep the amount of highlight from model to model consistent, so I'm having to go back and touch em up to keep them uniform.. I'm not use to painting all the way up to a line highlight.
I also forgot to mention that the trees were from a shop here in town that sells model railroad supplies.. they came 3 to the box for something like mid teens in price if I remember correctly.. sorry I don't remember the name :(
dwarfhold13 said Mar 21, 2013 22:59:02
thought I would add this as well.. started working on a black guard last night to see what I would have to do with his dry brushed armor and rushed paint job.
last night, I also happened to listen to a particular back episode filled with lots of dark elf anti love ;)... but that's ok, almost half of the dark elf line is from 6th edition early plastics!
I'm also posting a color swatch of the purples I'm using (and pink). they are from the Vallejo game color range and are very nice indeed!

dwarfhold13 said Mar 22, 2013 08:37:44
ok.. one figure at a time I suppose... I might have to paint up something not so purple soon..

and a bonus favorite figure picture or two... this is one of a couple unit fillers for my Orc list.. one day I'll finish that army... one day.

Greg2thePerson said Mar 22, 2013 10:33:07
The Dark Elves are looking excellent. The purple really stands out and catches the eye. Freehand on the Black Guard standard came out fantastic as well.

What do you use for model snow?

Also, very clever idea for the unit filler. Where did the stones come from?
The slightly less beautiful host.
dwarfhold13 said Mar 22, 2013 12:57:43
thanks man, the snow is a mix of a few things. it starts with a mix of baking soda and pva. then, it was drying too clear so I added a little folk art titanium white paint.... and then it needed a touch of blue so I added a tiny bit of ice blue paint.. oh but it gets better! after it was dry, I didn't want it to turn yellow like everyone talks about, so I made a white wash of titanium white paint and future floor wax, which has an acrylic base.. it's kinda pain now because all the snow looks a little different and I need to fix it somehow.. I have some snow flock but it comes out looking fuzzy sometimes, any suggestions?
the Orc filler totem is from a reaper set called savage pygmies or Pygmy savages or something like that, I used the tiki masked gobbos for my war machine crews and had the head left over.. the blocks of stone are pink foam.. if you score it and push them with an eraser or something you can get them to stagger. I also mixed a little sand into some black primer to paint it. don't ever spray the foam directly because it melts.
ok, I'm done two finger typing this on my ipad, thanks again!
dwarfhold13 said Mar 23, 2013 00:12:25
My cauldron.. just because the other model is soooo bad! I'm in the process of touching it up, but I wanted to get some feedback on what you guys thought I should change? Where does it need highlights? Other than the base rim, what major changes do you think I should consider?
Also posting a pic of the black guard with the other finished guys as comparison.

Greg2thePerson said Mar 23, 2013 13:21:48
I'm loving that conversion. The human slaves pulling the cauldron is a great touch. I think you could work on highlighting the red, particularly on the C'tan/Nightbringer (?). It looks a little flat from a distance. You also might want to try to add some object light sourcing from the candles.
The slightly less beautiful host.
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