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New High Elves!

posted Apr 20, 2013 01:09:09 by jake_hutton
So I am surprised no one else has posted about this. Further "leaked" pictures have been shown for the new high elves, which means May for the release. Return of maiden guard, a flying eagle chariot, phoenix riders, and some hero sculpts. Thoughts? Sorry I don't have a link to them, but they are one twitter in some places.

I am intrigued by the maiden guard models/ idea. The paint job I think is bleh, way to world of warcraft, but they appear to have magic bows? Could be very cool. Thoughts about flying eagle chariot? I felt like 2 high elf chariots was enough, but hopefully the new one is neat and has its place.

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JonathanVanase said Apr 24, 2013 20:23:55
I couldn't post because I was so excited. :-)

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