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Time for Dark Elves

posted Oct 15, 2013 15:19:28 by CalebEdwards
I was suckered in by the new models, so am going to put together an army of new plastics (and a few Dark Eldar models where necessary to fill any gaps).

Here's the current paint scheme I'm working towards:

And a closer shot (I think the weapons will be silver, like the left-hand models, rather than red).

Some more guys ready to be painted:

And some counts-as shades waiting to be primed:

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CalebEdwards said Oct 16, 2013 14:34:38
I've been working on the Cold One Knights and the dreadlord on peg.

CalebEdwards said Oct 17, 2013 14:28:11
I got a bit more done, and have been experimenting with "crystal" red weapons. Any comments/suggestions are appreciated.

JonathanVanase said Dec 09, 2013 13:19:00
Caleb has been blowing up twitter as he madly paints this Dark Elf army. You should post some more of the pics up here! It's coming along really nicely.
MichaelJordal said Dec 26, 2013 03:35:21
It is a pretty cool color scheme.
Greg2thePerson said Jan 21, 2014 02:40:09
Loving the color scheme on these Dark Elves, Caleb! I don't know if I like the Screamer counting as a Pegasus... a little too Chaos-y for my tastes, perhaps. What else are you going to include in the list?
The slightly less beautiful host.
CalebEdwards said Jan 21, 2014 15:00:47
Yeah -- i think that, standing alone, the screamers don't look too chaos-y, they just look weird. And I figure it kind of works for an army that also rides dinosaurs and rabbit-horses.

Right now, the list is looking like 2x5 warlocks (of course ;)). 2x5 dark riders, a block of witch elves with the cauldron, and executioners (not sure if I want a horde). Otherwise, I've been moving all the other bits about -- not entirely sure what I want to take.
Greg2thePerson said Jan 24, 2014 02:13:22
Caleb Edwards = Cheesy Git!

How about character set-up? The freedom in magic lore for the Dark Elves is really excellent...
The slightly less beautiful host.
CalebEdwards said Feb 19, 2014 02:57:13
Ha. Sorry it took me forever to reply. I've run a lord on dragon with some success. Same for peg heroes. I've tried shadow and metal. I think both are good. And I've generally done a L4 on foot or on horse (horse is annoying because of no models). I've always run the cauldron-sitter, if I have one, with the no armor save sword.
JonathanVanase said Feb 19, 2014 12:56:45
She's pretty good with the Obsidian Blade (that's no armor saves right?). For 5 points more you could do Ogre Blade though and just make her S6. That might be better all around.
CalebEdwards said Feb 19, 2014 16:44:05
I had thought about that, but my thinking was this. What would I send against a witch-block? Preferably, something with a 1+ save. S6 means that the 1+ save becomes a 4+ save, which isn't actually that great. I'd rather have the chance to do 2-3 wounds with NO saves.

S6 would be good against higher toughness, but I think the poison and reroll to wound already helps with that.

OTOH, the special character with the s10 would certainly be fun to run :D.
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