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VC - The Bloodless

posted Jan 23, 2014 21:19:55 by C.LaBelle
So here's the first few models for the new VC army I'm building. I'm going for a fallen bretonnian / blood keep theme, these are the first couple black knights I've got table ready. I tried to make the blades and lances look "killing blow" like by basecoating them dheneb stone with a wash of coelia greenshade, and I'm pretty pleased with the result. More stuff on the way. Also, does everyone else see that the site's in Spanish? No problem for me, just thought that's weird.
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Greg2thePerson said Jan 24, 2014 02:17:47
Magnifico! A mi me gustan los caballeros muertos. Pinta mas, por favor!

I think you must have changed a setting on your web browser. The site is in English for me!
The slightly less beautiful host.
C.LaBelle said Jan 24, 2014 02:26:03
Haha, thanks Greg, I'll look into those settings. One thing I find that I struggle with is bone. Currently I use Khemri brown as a base, wash with agrax, then layer with dheneb stone. I'm quickly running out of Khemri brown, so hopefully I can get these knights done. I like the popping of the white, but real bone isn't like that naturally after death, people need to bleach the bones to get them that white, so I'm a bit conflicted. Could I leave them a bit darker and muted?
Greg2thePerson said Jan 29, 2014 01:00:05
Personally, I prefer the bright color on the bone. It looks good on the table. You could perhaps try stippling some dark brown in select areas in order to get a more natural look while still maintaining the high contrast.
The slightly less beautiful host.
C.LaBelle said Feb 15, 2014 21:49:44
My first two heroes that go into the bus: I converted the lord from the Mannfred model. I used the bits from the mounted lord in the dragon kit for both. I've decided to go for the blood keep background, the lord being an old follower of Harkon returning to the keep to rebuild the order.

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